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Have you ever regretted selling a guitar.

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I sold a Esp bass. Les Paul style. Cherry color. Flamed maple top. Beautiful bass but the truss rod was stripped. I was just learning bass at the time. Now that i have moved on i really regret selling that bass. I have never seen any like it on the market. It sounded great and was workable now that i think back. It was just the truss rod issue that made me sell it. Stupid me.
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Major truss rod issues can be the death of a bass - they aren't designed to be replaced.

I sometimes wish I hadn't traded my ‘92 MIM P-Bass for my daughter’s acoustic guitar - I should have just bought it outright. I got a crazy trade value for it, and don't “need” it, but that Midnight Wine body with the really dark rosewood fretboard was really good looking.
May '71 Fender Precision Bass. Do so wish I still had it
LoudLon [moderator]
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I sold the first bass I ever bought, a Fender Standard Precision, back in ‘97. A work buddy said his band needed a rhythm guitarist and asked if I played, and I lied and said yes, solely because I wanted to be in a band. So I sold my Fender and put the money toward a guitar.

Eh, nobody’s perfect.

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