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Tab Creation

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i was wondering where the tabs on this website were made
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They are written by the person who submits them to the site.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Some folks (such as myself) write our own tabs. Some others copy and paste tabs from other sites (booooooo, lazy tabbers! )
sorry i phrased that poorly, i was wondering what program/software they were made in
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I used to use Word, now I'm using Google Docs.

I made my template by copying one of LoudLon's tabs and taking out the numbers, substituting them with the dash. I use Courier for the font, and I hit Insert on the keyboard to go into typeover mode so I don't have to delete dashes to keep things aligned.
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1929
You can write directly into the submission field using the Clef button above the text box, which supplies a staff that looks like this:


Or you can do like nick and I do and write your tabs on a template of your own making, then copy and paste your tab into the submission field. Personally, I use good ol' Microsoft Notepad, 12-point Courier New font.
I use Sublime Text 3, it has support for multi-line editing

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