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BBT's Official "ThunderBassistJay" Thread!

...Instead of a guitar Low B he uses a bass A string, which he can tune that from F# up to C, depending on what he wants to be able to add in.
That's kind of what we did with the E string of the old Ibanez. I think we installed a 0.060 D-string, which may have been tuned to C. The remaining five strings were in an odd tuning as well. If I remember well, it was C, G, C, G, C, E.
Too hot to record! Past 8pm, still 33 °C in the living room. Rorke's Drift by Sabaton will have to wait till it gets a little less warm.
Last week the 13 year old monitor of the 13 year old PC died with a loud bang. So now I'm trying to create a video on a brand new PC with a new version of VideoPad. Over the years things changed, but not necessarily improved. Sabaton's Rorke's Drift is rendering right now…
So here it is, Rorke's Drift by Sabaton, produced on the new PC with a new version of VideoPad.
Pity by Bad Religion, from their first album, How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
The video editing was done by a Canadian bass playing friend.
Don't Blame me, the B-side of Slade's Merry Xmas Everybody, from the year 1973.
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It's great seeing your dedicated thread flourish with your wonderful vids!
Another Slade cover: Let's Dance, from Crackers - The Christmas Party Album. The original, by Chris Montez, was released in 1962.
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Seasonal greetings Jay! Rather enjoyed that!!!
Thanks! Cheers mate!

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