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BBT's Official "ThunderBassistJay" Thread!

Lucky Guy - The Muffs.
In memory of Kim Shattuck, co-founder of The Muffs, who sadly passed away in October 2019, at the age of 56.
Pyramids by The Lillingtons
LoudLon [moderator]
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Oh, no, I didn't know Kim passed away. It's a shame she wasn't more well-known, as I've always thought The Muffs were one of the more under-appreciated pop-punk bands overshadowed by the mid-90s post-grunge alternative boom. Good cover, Jay, and RIP, Kim.
Thanks Lon!

Kim was pretty busy. She formed the Muffs in 1991 in Los Angeles. The band remained active over the following two decades, releasing six albums between 1993 and 2014.

In addition to her work with the Muffs, Shattuck was involved in numerous other musical projects: She sang on a NOFX song, “Lori Meyers” on the album Punk in Drublic, as well as on a Bowling for Soup song, “I'll Always Remember You (That Way)”. She also collaborated with vocals for the Kepi Ghoulie song “This Friend of Mine” on the album American Gothic and The Dollyrots for their track “Some Girls” off the album A Little Messed Up.

Kim joined Pixies for their fall 2013 European tour as a bassist. At the conclusion of the tour in late November 2013, she was fired by the band.

She participated in a reunion of The Pandoras on July 4, 2015, at the Burger Boogaloo in Oakland, California. Although she played bass and sang backing vocals in The Pandoras, she was the lead singer and guitarist for the reunion due to the 1991 death of original Pandoras lead singer and guitarist Paula Pierce.
Crimson Ghost - Misfits, lots of compression
Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, whatever you prefer. Be good to each other.
A healthy, happy and musical 2020 to all!
Bombs of Peace, Hardcore Punk by Satan's Rejects, who covered the original by Upright Citizens.
Highway Tune by Greta Van Fleet. To my opinion the world needs more bands like this one. I'm quite sure existing bass tabs are wrong, so I figured out this hard to hear bassline myself.
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I have now heard two songs from GVF. And they both sound practically identical.

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