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BBT's Official "ThunderBassistJay" Thread!

Many bands can easily be recognized by their style and sound. I think of Motörhead, ZZ Top, AC/DC, Deep Purple and many more. GVF pretty much sounds like Led Zeppelin. Let's see how they develop.
A great controversial song from Never Mind the Bollocks by Sex Pistols…
I Turned into a Martian, performed by Bitchfits, written by Misfits.
After having been blocked for almost a year, this video is available again!
Last week the original Misfits version of I Turned into a Martian got blocked by the copyright holders straight away. A moment ago, I discovered that the song is available again. The background video is the same as for the Bitchfits version.
Misfits time again! The Haunting from American Psycho from 1997.
In My Head - Teenage Bottlerocket, from Tales From Wyoming, 2015
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To my opinion the world needs more bands like this one.
Amen for that man.
The Forbidden Zone - Misfits, a perfect song to make the bass growl.
Been doing another Misfits song. So much fun…

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