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Kurt Cobain - 25 Years On

LoudLon [moderator]
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Today is the 25th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's suicide. Like so many other Generation Xers, I was a massive Nirvana fan and took his death hard. I don't think today's generation really appreciates the changes he and Nirvana affected in modern music; they've been called the modern day Beatles for good reason.

And it wasn't just music they had an impact on, but pop culture in general. The grunge movement they spearheaded (however reluctantly) spread its fingers into just about everything – movies, TV, fashion, politics, social awareness and pretty much anything and everything in between.

Granted, not everyone liked Cobain, or Nirvana. No problem. But this thread isn't for them. It's for those who did like them and can appreciate that despite his flaws and shameful end, Kurt Cobain left a massive imprint on the world, and one that continues to inspire artists even now, 25 years after his death. I encourage others to share their appreciation here.

RIP, Kurt.

- A fan.
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(First off - 25 years ago? I feel OLD now - thanks Lon!)

The “wear flannel and tune down a half step” formula for grunge just didn't match what Nirvana was doing - they looked like they belonged there but they didn't. To me what made them so different was how Kurt made the music and the lyrics work together - the mood the music created was a perfect compliment to the words he was singing. Not always in full alignment, as he could use the contrast in a meaningful way (Polly is a great example). And it never felt calculated or forced, just so natural to him. It was a genuineness that just rang through - he wasn't just performing the songs but he was living them each time he played them. Like an offering of part of his life to the listener.

And I think he gave too much of himself away, and didn't know how to recover from that, which led to his tragic end.

Rick Beato does a good job breaking the songs down to try to explain what made them so good, but it is one of those things that can't be dissected and still be there - otherwise someone would have recreated it by now. And that hasn't happened.

(I purposely didn't link the videos as to not have the thread digress from the topic)

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Talented artist who did his own thing. Respect.

Terrible taste in women though.
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I was 14 when he left.
it was the beautiful age of grunge that opened the door to other groups
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R.I.P Kurt

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