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Cover Solutions

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I asked if it was ok to post info about a website on youtube. I didn't want to take anything away from bigbass. Because bigbass has been a wealth of information for me. I recently discovered CoverSolutions on YouTube. Some of you probably know it. But for those that don't. It is a really good website for new bass players and veterans alike I think. Play along easy to read tabs. And hes a good player. Lots to learn for newer bass players. And as I said to Mr Zee. He shreds Zeps Immigrant song imo. Not to mention Tools Schism and others. Just thought I would mention it to those newbies out there that cant get enough bass. I look everywhere for good bass. Even if I cant play all of the more complex things. Don't care I can play some and I will go back one day and play it all. BooYah. That's what its about.
Good night all.
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LoudLon [moderator]
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I've seen a few of that guy's bass videos. He's pretty good. I haven't checked out any of his guitar or drum vids, though.
mr zee
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Its good that you can see what is being played and not just hearing it and with tabs too. Suppose it takes all the guess work out of learning/copying a song when its given on a plate like that.

I prefer thunderbassistjay's videos though and in his last one he is wearing a proper shirt, albeit with enough neck room for a medallion.
There are many ways to learn through various sources. Whatever suits you
mr zee
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I agree, what ever means that suits the user.
I agree also don't limit yourself. Search. You can find some good things out there.

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