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Blank tabs

Posts: 19
How are we to deal with tabs like these where there is no content at all?

Is it possible to restore a previous version of the tabs somehow or should they just be removed? If it's the latter then all of Ares' tabs need to be removed.

I guess this is something Johnny has to deal with but I don't want to bug him every time I come across a blank/empty tab. Is there something we can do besides messaging Johnny and asking him to remove the tabs?
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1929
Every once in a while we get a user who for whatever reason decides to edit their tabs out. Maybe someone posted a more accurate version, maybe they decided to leave the site and take their tabs with them, whatever.

So how's about we make this our official BBT Blank Tab Thread. If anyone comes across a blank tab, post the link here. Johnny and/or The Dude will see it at some point and take care of it.
mr zee
Posts: 577
I know there's about 30 tabs done by Ares that he removed in july. He left an email address on his profile page for anyone to contact him about his tabs.
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This one isn't exactly blank, but it's definitely not a tab

johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
Hey guys! Cool idea for a thread - Lon suggested I make it a sticky which I will as soon as I implement sticky threads - in the meantime I've restored most of Ares' tabs from backups.
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1929
Right on.

There's a problem with the link to the Amy Winehouse tab. I posted my own version and I included the apostrophe in the song title and now it's not possible to view the version that doesn't have the apostrophe in the title, it just redirects to my tab. Is it possible to fix this issue somehow?
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1929
The dreaded punctuation glitch. I hate that damn thing. Just PM Johnny and he'll fix it up.
mr zee
Posts: 577
in the meantime I've restored most of Ares' tabs from backups.

That's great. Ares did some excellent tabs of BOC of which we have to thank his mam as he used to hear her playing them all the time.
Posts: 3139
Why did Ares leave and take his tabs in the first place, wasn't another DANNYBASSMAN moment was it?

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