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Blank tabs

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Not really blank, just kinda dumb…
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Looks pretty blank too me ha ha
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Nice on, Ayreon77. Another 5 star effort!

I don't understand why there is even an approval process that takes days or even weeks for a tab to appear if no effort whatsoever is given to seeing whether the contribution is complete garbage or not. Can we at least get those two embarrassments deleted?
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There are a few users who have edited and removed the content of their tabs, as a way to delete them from the site. So they were valid at one point, possibly really good tabs with great ratings, but they are effectively deleted now.

The approval process isn't about the quality of the tab, just making sure it is a valid tab and doesn't contain anything inappropriate (you'd be surprised what people can do with ASCII art). That process does go through a single person, so when his real life takes priority it can be slow to see approvals. The site is free - tough to complain about.

I have my ad-blocker paused for BBT so that there should be some revenue flowing from my use back to the site - I'd rather Johnny not have to play out of pocket for the site to run.
johnny [staff]
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Sorry for the lack of response from me and slow approval rates. I was really busy with my regular job - hopefully it should clear up soon and give me time to work on the website more.

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