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Any good sources for learning old Hymns?

Hi guys and gals. I am a pastor who's learning to play right now. Does anybody have a good source for learning tabs to some of the older hymns? I have found a few on here and other places, but I can't seem to find a lot. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
LoudLon [moderator]
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I'm not aware of any off-hand, but if you have any specific songs you're looking for, be sure to submit them on the request page.
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There are a lot of them on SongSelect CCLI in the Public Domain section (you will have to create a profile to view the chord charts and lead sheets):


You can see the listing of songs they have without a profile.

The music book our organist uses has chords labeled for some of the hymns as well, so checking there might get you some of what you are looking for.

Most hymns you'll be playing roots, so the chord charts/lead sheets give you everything you need. You can improvise some, but on the traditional songs I tend to keep it pretty simple.
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I might be wrong but didn't J S Bach write some hymns? I found a book, ‘Bach for Bass Guitar’ he wrote some bangin basslines, you'd be quite surprised

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