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First Gig!

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Hey, guys! I saw a post on here the other day about upcoming gigs, and now that I have one I wanted to comment, but I'm too lazy to go looking for the post. So I'll just mention it here.

I have my first (bass-playing) gig next Friday, the first. It's a school art gallery and they were looking for students to sing and play instruments during the event. So far, I know I've been given a 20-30 minute set. So far I have about 6 songs locked down. I kind of stressed because I've only really played simple stuff on my bass, considering I've only ever played on my worship team at my youth group, and once at one of my choir concerts. However, I'm picking the harder stuff up pretty easily. I'm kind of proud of myself, considering four out of those six songs I have so far are Beatles songs, and I know for a fact that some people are kind of scared to even touch anything to do with Paul's playing. I've learned the easiest stuff I could find, though. If you're curious what the songs in my setlist are so far, here ya are (in order of which I'll play them):

1. Handle With Care - Traveling Wilburys
2. Lady Madonna - The Beatles
3. Come Together - The Beatles
4. End of the Line - Traveling Wilburys
5. Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles
6. All My Loving - The Beatles

As you can see, I need some other artists tossed in there. So I made this post in hopes of both looking for tips for your first gig (literally anything), and some song suggestions, that are preferably easy to play while singing melody.

Thanks, guys.
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haha okay i was going to suggest day tripper but that's probably not helpful rn. glad to know i'm not the only one that has a problem with only playing songs from one band. unfortunately, day tripper is one of my go-to non-green day songs. i really don't know, so how about primus - the devil went down to georgia

haha jk
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Pretty much anything by The Police is (relatively) easy to play and sing along to
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…by the way, ‘Pretty much anything’ isn't a song by the Police, you know what I mean
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throw in either hedwig's theme or the imperial march, maybe both if you end up with a bunch of songs.
@adog312 - Actually, I've been sort of learning the intro riff for Day Tripper, but it's so freaking hard. Well, with practice it won't be. But I may have to look into it more. And yes. I'm having such a tough time thinking of non-Beatles songs to do. Traveling Wilburys isn't even totally safe since George was the founding member.

@Marko1960 - I've actually heard that The Police songs are pretty easy for bass, but I'm pretty sure I've only heard a couple songs by them, and I'd rather not have to learn a completely new song by next Friday. But I guess we'll see.
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You don't mention what other instruments are playing with you, if any, which would make a difference in song choice. There are some really fun to play bass songs that won't work without the rest of the band. Here are a few that could work with minimal/no accompaniment. The non-bass parts are pretty easy on these, too.

“Warning” from Green Day is an easy bass line that's also kind of fun to play, and could stand on it's own.

“Fascination Street” by The Cure also has a single bass riff for most of the song, so it's an easy one to add on. Needs at least a guitar or keyboard with it, though.

“She Sells Sanctuary” and “When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around” by The Police. Moon is really a drum-driven song, but can work with just guitar and bass. World is a bit of a sprint for the fingers but could probably be done with no other instruments.

“Money” from Pink Floyd can also stand on just the bass line.
@2nick3 - I'm the only one playing. Just my bass and my voice, so yes, I definitely need songs that sound good with just a bass line and the melody.
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One of my favourite Beatles songs is a B Side called ‘Yes it is’ it's a beautiful song and could work with just the bassline and voice. I grew up with Beatles records, my oldest sister was a big fan and as a child I used to stare at the Parlophone labels going round at 45 rpm

…ahhh, takes me back
@Marko1960 - Ooh… I do love that song. I'll give learning that a shot today.

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