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First Gig!

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Good luck, you'll knock em dead with that one
@2nick3 - I'm the only one playing. Just my bass and my voice, so yes, I definitely need songs that sound good with just a bass line and the melody.
Hmm, Motörhead? Just kidding.
Good luck with your gig!
LoudLon [moderator]
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It doesn't get any easier than With or Without You, by U2. Very simple, no complex fingerings or off-rhythm key changes, just a steady stream of leisurely paced 8th notes and equally simple lyrics and vocals.
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Anyone know if this gig happened and how it went?
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I thought this was an interesting story then it went all quiet. Love to know how it went.
Had my first (free) gig about 4 yaers ago at a place here called “Open Mikes”, a bar/music store, went good. Now me and my band mates play twice a month for money.

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