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Chris Cornell, 1964 - 2017

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accidental overdose I can get but stringing yourself up in a hotel bathroom knowing full well what your leaving for others to deal with is flippin messed up

Whatever his issues that's a real selfish way to go and i feel extremely sorry for his family cos that's a lifetime of pain now for them to live with

LoudLon [moderator]
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...I have a hard time believing it was depression.

As do I. I've read some comments online, people saying maybe he was depressed but was really good at hiding it. Which just proves they don't know how depression works. Depression – or at least severe to extreme depression, which are the two types that most often lead to suicide – isn't something you can hide. It informs everything you do, your every reaction, your every thought, your every interaction. It's about as easy to hide as a giant tumor in the center of your face, and like a tumor, it's a disease that requires treatment to overcome. If he were that depressed, his family would know it, his friends would know it, and this wouldn't have come as a surprise.

No. More likely, it was a spur of the moment thing. Maybe he'd slipped and started using again; maybe he was feeling drawn to using again due to being back on tour with Soundgarden. There's this thing when you're in addiction recovery, “people, places and things” – triggers you need to avoid if you hope to remain sober. With Cornell, he was using regularly during his Soundgarden days. He's spent most of the time since they disbanded clean. Now they're back together – it's a return to a situation he used to use in. Could be it just acted as a trigger and got him itching to use again.

But it's all conjecture. Unless they find a note or drugs in his system, I doubt they'll ever make any sense of it. As for auto-erotic asphyxiation, also highly doubtful, as those into that kind of thing know the dangers and wouldn't attempt it without having a partner there, just in case. The partner doesn't always prove helpful (look at what happened with David Carradine, the hooker he was with couldn't do shit to help him) but nevertheless.

But again, conjecture. Saddened fans looking for rationale in an irrational act.
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I don't know a lot about suicide, but what puzzles me is how his body was found lying on a bathroom floor.

Almost every suicide I've ever read about involving hanging themself, is done in an area where someone is sure to walk in and see. Not in a bathroom. I had a neighbor hang himself in his garage, so that when his wife came home and opened the garage door to park her car she would see him. Awful stuff. But that's got me so confused on why and how he hung himself in a bathroom and then was found lying on the floor.
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Ian Curtis of Joy Division hung himself in his kitchen, he'd tied a rope to the door handle then up and over the top of the door and back down again, his wife found him sitting next to the washing machine with the rope around his neck. Most puzzling was that nobody saw it coming, there were no signs leading up to it to suggest it was coming.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Not to get all morbid about it, but it's not uncommon for someone who has hanged themselves to be found on the floor; whatever rope or material they used could have snapped or stretched from the weight. One of my best friends, who joined the Army with me, hanged himself a week into basic training. He'd used commo wire and hung himself from a pull-up bar which was about seven feet off the ground; when his body was discovered, his knees were touching the ground, his weight having stretched the wire over the several hours he'd been hanging there.

But how is trivial; what matters is why, and that's what I'm hoping those who knew him will be able to shed some light on because as has been said, why he would kill himself at this point in his life, with so much going his way, doesn't make a damn bit of sense.
What baffles me is that his wife sent someone round to check on him. Why? I presume she suspected something was wrong? Was he meant to check in with her every night and didn't on this occasion? Was there something else she was concerned about?
Sadly it's more questions & theories than answers! I think it's a waiting game for some of the answers but I fear unless there is a clear reason revealed we will never know what went through his mind and what he was thinking in those last few hours.

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