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LoudLon @ 500 tabs: An appreciation

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As some of you may know, LoudLon is about to post his 500th tab here.*


I look forward to every one he posts because they are always first rate – as good as any transcription in a magazine or a Hal Leonard bass recorded book. I am not trying to take away from anyone else who posts tabs here, but between the quality and quantity he has posted, and in terms of the songs he selects, he is by far the most valuable tabber out there for me personally. If I could have anyone on Earth (who is not the original bassist) tab a song for me, it would be LoudLon. And he has done that many times as he fulfills requests all the time.

Give the man his due on the occasion of his 500th tab.
Thanks, Lon!

*Literally seconds before I posted this, he posted Hazy Shade of Winter by The Bangles. Happy 500th!
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A toast to Lon! Raise a glass of your favorite beverage, either in the direction of your computer or favorite bass, in admiration, then pick one of his tabs (there are plenty to pick from) and play along.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Aw, thanks guys. Very cool of you to say. As long as you folks here at BBT's are willing to tolerate my mood swings, I'm happy to keep churning 'em out.
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Cheers, Lon! Of course we are willing to tolerate the mood swings. We're all human here. Thanks for the tabbing and as long as you still enjoy it, keep up the damn fine tabbing!

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