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Prince on Bass

LoudLon [moderator]
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6 months ago
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Just in case there's anyone out there who isn't aware that Prince (RIP) was a whiz with pretty much any instrument he put his hands on…

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Grrrr those bloody annoying multi instrumental doo dahs

Now that feckin Grohl fellas is it as well

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Whenever I hear some clown compare Prince to say Michael Jackson, I just laugh.

Prince is one of the greatest guitarists of all time (ask Clapton, Santana or Billy Gibbons if you doubt that), a Grammy award-winning vocalist, Grammy (and ASCAP Lifetime) award-winning songwriter, Oscar winning score composer, remarkable keyboardist and, as Loudlon points out, bassist (check out Alphabet Street, 777-9311, Let's Work, or A Love Bizarre). He also could move on stage like few others (tragically it was his patented leap off his piano onto his high-heeled stage boots and into the splits that eventually led to the double hip replacement and his addiction to prescription pain medications so he could keep performing). Only Bruce Springsteen ever rivaled his energy as a live performer. In fact no one ever *excelled* at so many of these individual musical talents as Prince did. There are mere multi-instrumentalists (and I am in now way underestimating the remarkable talents of Grohl, Marcus Miller, Stevie Wonder, etc), and then there's Prince. A lot of you really missed out on the singular musical talent of the past half-century.



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Yep had a real gift for knocking out a tune and mastering the art of many instruments

Not for me though

Suicidal Tendencies is as funky as I get !!!!!!

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Wow. Prince could probably have picked up a set of bagpipes with a couple of broken horns and a tear in the bag and made music with it.

1. What kind of bass is he playing? It looks like a Fender, but the Precision pickup is reversed and it has the double jazz/humbucking pickup at the bridge.

2. Is that a scrunchie at the top of the neck???

3. Lon - can you tab that out for us?

4. That guitar looks like a toy in Zakk Wylde's hands - that dude is big!

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