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New music with Twiggybass

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Hello lads. It's been forever since i has heard from you all. how is everyone?
I finally got to the point where i can tab again ad have some fun. It has not been an easy last year and some odd months. I got alot of new songs i am working on

Master Lon
Troublemakin' Marko

I live a simple life with cher now and she has become one helluva a musician. Now, she wants tattoos like all the old punks, her old man, has lol

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Hey Twiggy

Good to see you about again. Hope all is going well for you and your daughter.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Rock on, Twig. Cool to hear about Cher getting more into music, too. I believe I owe that girl a couple tabs! That's something you and I have in common, actually – both our daughters are getting more into music. Mine started guitar lessons a couple months ago and is lalready chomping to learn stuff like Nirvana, Metallica, AC/DC, Pantera… She has my taste in music and it's awesome!
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Lon and Twiggy - I envy you both. My daughter started out on guitar inspired by Taylor Swift. Then One Direction came out and things changed, in a bad way. She still likes some decent stuff (if I put on The Smiths she doesn't make a face), but some of what is coming out today is utter rubbish.

Not every song needs a rap interlude (not to mention Blondie did it on Rapture back in 1980).
Congrats with your musical kids, guys. My son, 20 yo now, is a pretty good guitar player. As a matter of fact he inspired me to pick up the bass, almost seven years ago. Here's a four year old video of him playing.

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I loved the video. Wow!
very talented
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Cher is learning Motley Crue. She tried to play kickstart my heart the other day and it was funny. She will get it soon enough but it was entertaining. She has her dads taste in music, hair metal
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I agree 2nick 3. Lucky for me, my daughter wasnt enough to hear that boy bad blahhh.
utter rubbish is right. some of the music out there makes me want to hide. Cher just discovered White Lion than asked 'Who is Marilyn Manson?"
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On another note, I am severly stuck on a song i cannot hear for the life of me. Cher's birthday is coming and i have sat for 6 hours today trying to hear the bass for this song and it's quit buried, Cher's birthday is on saturday and i wanted to make a video of me playing it for her.

It's Marc Anthony - You Sang to Me

I put it on the request list. This is a song i am really stumped with.
Can anyone help me out figure it out?
Welcome back Twiggy!

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