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songs to start of with?

any songs that would be good for a bass to start out?
i know some simple riffs like feel good inc and stuff like that jus wondering if there where whole songs witha simple easy groove to them?
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Ted Nugent Stranglehold has a really catchy bass line that repeats through out most of the song, the bassist plays with some distortion but it still sounds awesome when you play without it.

For another kinda simple song that sounds really cool when you are playing by yourself, Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine is really fun to play.

LoudLon [moderator]
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Pretty much anything by Nirvana, the Cranberries, the Ramones
With or Without You by U2
Possum Kingdom, Away by Toadies
Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters
La Grange by ZZ Top
Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
Trouble Me by 10,000 Maniacs
Angel by Aerosmith
Wicked Game by Chris Isaak
Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen
Breaking the Law by Judas Priest
Goodnight Moon by Shivaree
Creep by Stone Temple Pilots
Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo

Heres 2:

Lean on Me by Bill Withers
Stand by Me by Ben E. King

These are really easy tunes to learn with the same tune throughout the song.
…and a lot of Ramones stuff.
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Pretty much everything from The Cult as well. And a lot of Van Halen.
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Hold Your Head Up by Argent would be a good one for those just starting out, but will get old fast. Here are some others:
As the Sun Still Burns Away - Ten Years After
The Furor - AC/DC
On the Beach - Neil Young
Beds are Burning - Midnight Oil
(I'm not your) Steppin' Stone - The Monkees
Well, depending on the music you want to play, it's always easy to find something by Death Cab For Cutie (the easiest being ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’ and a more difficult but fun to jam to song being ‘Crooked Teeth&rsquo. If you're into different music, the list below outlines some stuff I have learned (I'm relatively new to this also).
-'Pick Up The Pieces' Average White Band
-'Reptilia' The Strokes
-'25 Or 6 To 4' Chicago
-'Play That Funky Music' Wild Cherry
-'Longview' Green Day
-'Pumped Up Kicks' Foster The People

Hopefully this helps.
Kiss - God of Thunder
Most of Bob Seger songs
Pixies - Hey
Gorillaz - Fell good inc.
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The music publisher Hal Leonard has a series of “Bass Play-Along” books. One volume features easy songs. The eight songs they consider to be easy are:

Blink-182 - All The Small Things
Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
The Police - Roxanne
Van Halen - Runnin' With The Devil
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love
The Troggs - Wild Thing
U2 - With Or Without You

I know when I first began, I enjoyed playing Another Ones Bites the Dust by Queen and Maneater by Hall and Oates too.

Good luck!
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Joy division
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Talking heads (psycho killer)

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