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No E string songs?

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My current in-use bass I have at hand right now's E string broke, and I currently do not have the methods, time, or money to go over and buy the string for a little, and at this point I'm kind of bored of just improvising random things that come to my mind, some pretty cool melodies, but I miss doing covers of songs on my own, so I was wondering if anyone had any songs that DO NOT use the E-string on the bass at all, I'm currently on a 4-string bass by the way. But yeah, just to have some fun for now ha-ha.

I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to spend when saving much, I'm saving for a 6-string, so I'm trying to cut unnecessary spends for now, since I'm rather close.
Thanks you very much!

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In case I need a B string, while playing an EADG tuned four string, I play power chords instead. Works pretty well for a few notes. You could do the same for E string notes. If you tune the remaining strings to GCF, then it's only E, F and F# that you're missing.
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Iron Maiden - The Trooper
The Used - Blue & Yellow

those are a few off the top of my head where I dont use the E at all when I play them. Also since I refuse to downtune I play alot of stuff thats in drop D on the regular D string. Some stuff sounds a little funny but it works ok for the most part.
LoudLon [moderator]
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If you're missing an E-string, you could just play octaves. Same note, just a higher tone. Or you could do as Jay said and tune your remaing three strings down. Don't tune down too low, though, or the strings'll just hang on the neck like limp noodles and rattle every time you pluck 'em.
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Check out songs by The Presidents of the United States of America, the guitarist had three strings and the bassist had two, still came up with such good songs as ‘Lump’ and ‘Peaches’
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I wouldn't go too long without having all the strings on your bass. The neck relies on the amount of tension the strings provide.

I never throw out strings in case one breaks. I've only had one string ever break on me (and it wasn't the E string), but it was easy to go back to the old set and string it on.

How did you break the E string by the way??? Thrash metal?
Ohio Players - Skin Tight. Cool main riff, only 2 notes in bridge on E string, could play them on A.
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U.K. Subs - Stranglehold, nice little ditty using the A,D & G strings
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'We Gotta Get Outta This Place' by The Animals, great song, great band, and adopted by the U S forces in Vietnam…the title says it all
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How did you break the E string by the way??? Thrash metal?

I did it on my first bass, the first time I tuned it, before I had even played it. I had a Cort tuner, connected at the end of the instrument cable, and was 100% focused on what it was telling me, not what I was hearing. I didn't realize the volume was turned down on the bass, so the tuner wasn't reading properly. My intent focus was finally broken by the TWANG of the string giving in to the tension.

About 3 hours later, after a trip back to Sam Ash, I was finally playing, and had done my first string change!
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Quote: I did it on my first bass, the first time I tuned it, before I had even played it.

+1 and an expensive lesson learned

Whilst we are on strings what are you guys using?

Ernie Ball Cobalt 45-100 working for me on a precision with a pick, great punk tone

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