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How long does it take for pending bass tabs to be published?

I made 3 tabs yesterday and was wondering how long it would take for a pending tab to be publishable.
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First: thanks for creating tabs for everyone!
Second: I believe the admins must review and approve the tabs. I'm not sure how long it's “supposed” to take, but I know it depends on their availability.

And from what I gather, the admins don't live on this site. They have actual real-world jobs and commitments and stuff. But they will get to them.

Thanks again!
johnny [staff]
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Hey man! I saw your tabs, some of them don't have the artist name filled out, can you please correct them? Also I know you posted a disclaimer saying that some of the tabs are taken from ultimate guitar. I no longer feel very comfortable posting stuff thats just taken off other sites. Makes me feel a bit hypocritical when we talk shit about other sites stealing tabs form big bass tabs

I dunno, what do other people here think about this?

Yeah, and as Mark said - we all have regular jobs and in summer time we're all on vacation lots so approving tabs is a bit slower.
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Regarding copying tabs from other sites…

Frankly, I find the tabs written to be posted here of better quality, both for accuracy and readability, than what you find on ultimate guitar. So copying tabs from there would dilute the quality of what we have here. Plus that is claiming ownership of someone else's work, which isn't cool.

I see Big Bass Tabs as more than just the tabs on the screen, it's a community where we can learn from and teach each other, so I think authorship of the tabs you post is important so you can answer questions about them.

If the original author of the tab posts it to both sites that's fine - that is their prerogative as the author.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Not a fan of copying tabs from other sites. God knows I've done my share of whining like a little girl anytime I've seen tabs I've written for BBT pop up on other tab sites. However, once you put something online, it's pretty much there for anyone to take as they see fit, but at least be sure to credit the original source. And it wouldn't be a crime to correct any errors or clean up sloppy formatting while you're at it, because then you could at least say you put some of your own effort into it, y'know?

Ain't hatin', though. Just my two cents.
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Maybe the ones that are obviously lifted from other sites should be removed, but like Johnny says, it's summer, everyone's busy catchin some rays, sinkin some frosty ones etc
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You can start with this one:

Which was lifted from here:

What's worse, it's inaccurate. And it makes people think that this one has been charted (accurately), so no one responds to a request for a proper tab for it. (I'll try again, but unless Loudlon takes pity upon me…

Maybe a “Please don't paste in some other person's tab from another site” message on the “Submit Bass Tabs” page would help?
LoudLon [moderator]
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I'll take a crack at it.

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