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Making Compromises In A Band

I've been wanting to join a band for a while, and I recently have. It is a thrash metal band and I play bass in it. I prefer Punk and I was hoping to also be the vocalist. Do you think these compromises are necessary?
LoudLon [moderator]
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Bring it up to your bandmates. If they're cool with it, great! If not, look around for other players who share your taste in music and are looking for a singer. Bandmates.com is a good place to connect with other musicians in your area.

Just don't give up on your current band too soon. Hang in there, gain some experience playing with other musicians and collaborating. Use it as a learning experience.

Good luck.
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Good advice from Lon, also you are gonna have to get used to the fact that finding a band where all the members agree on everything is rare, its really frustrating when differences get in the way. Try and play with as many different bands as possible until you meet people you just ‘gel’ with. Another thing is keep it small, some of the worlds best bands are 3 piece outfits
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Why not suggest some punk songs covered by thrash bands with you handling vocals
In our old gits punk cover band we do Misfits Last Caress, GBH No Survivors and Trust Antisocial
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There you go, Motormogs Old Gits, three piece, Bosh
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Posts: 809
Slayer cover of Sick Boy by GBH

They did an album of punk and hardcore covers
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If you love playing more than you love playing a specific style it will make things a lot easier. If you find yourself in a band of people with the same philosophy you will all have more fun. That doesn't mean to not have a direction, but if you can't deviate from it here and there it creates a lot of tension in the band, and your music won't grow either.

I saw an interview with Mike Inez (Alice in Chains) about playing some shows with Heart. His philosophy was that he'd rather play than not, so if it was a good situation and he was available he would jump at any opportunity that came his way. Now I don't see him being asked to back up Justin Bieber as that's not his style (and I'd hope he would say No if he was), but he stays busy playing because of his attitude.
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Chances are pretty good that your first band won't be your last band. As Lon mentioned, use it as experience. Think of your position as a hired gun. You're there to play bass in a style you wouldn't normally play nor in the role you want, but you're going to do it because any experience is good experience. Even bad experiences are good for knowing what you don't want to get into again.

Gain the experience while working to put together the project/band you really want.

You'll meet other musicians playing with a band versus sitting in your garage rehearsing.
Yeah, I've acknowledged that not every opportunity will be perfect, and im open to playing almost anything. As I talk with the band more, I'm realizing the guitarist is a bit of a thrash elitist and is not willing to play anything even slightly outside of that, but as long as I get to play music with some other people, it should be enjoyable.

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