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Aerosmith "Sweet Emotion" Lesson with TAB

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Link to the tab is in description. Please like + comment + subscribe

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Useless trivia tid bit: Joe Perry actually wrote this bass line tinkering around on a 6-string bass during some down time in a studio session.
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Useful tip: go ahead and post the tab here on the tab site you've joined, otherwise this just looks like you're trying to drive traffic to your lesson site.
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My point exactly
My tab is not written in the form you have here. It is more accurate including left & right hand fingerings, correct rhythms and the structure of the song.

Why do certain members feel the need to be a negative dick Marko1960, 2nick3…I teach for a living and was just hoping to contribute. Not be trolled by hacks. Get a clue.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Let's keep it civil, folks.

jt – I agree, the default tab form we have is rather bare-bones. Which is why some of use self-made tab forms instead.

Actually, now that I think about it, here's a question for our admin, Johnny: Have you considered enabling tabbers to submit their work in some form other than text? Like, say, PDF, or Powertab, Guitarpro, etc?
Thanks for stepping in LouldLon. I'm just sick of trying to offer legit material as a teacher of 24 years now and having negative responses from trolls. I they were to take a second look and actually visit my site and youtube channel they might eat their words.

I would love to contribute, that is the whole point I joined the forum. If I wanted a argument I would spend more time with my girlfriend. Certain people here need to chill out and be more respectful.

Once again thanks for stepping in and offering a productive solution. It would be great if tabs could be uploaded in .pdf form here. Jeff
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And I suppose if we all went on your site and urged your members to go to Big Bass Tabs instead, you'd take it on the chin like the trooper you obviously are. Tesco dont go into Asda and try to sell their own goods, thats not how it works. And if I'm protective of this site thats like a family to me then slap my knees and call me a troll
I will call you a troll Marko and a complete dick. I've got too much to offer and seen your type too many times. I have a idea for you, why don't you go practice and get a life.

Just looked at your stats and you have contributed zero to this site yet its is like a “family” to you…lol what a clown.
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Its ‘an idea’ not a idea
An I'm sure your grammar is better than your bass playing. So are you ‘an asshole’ or ‘a asshole’

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