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Minta Bantuan..

Bang Napi
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Mungkin teman2 ada yg bisa bantu untuk Mencari dan Memberi Bass tab untuk lagu2 berikut..
Konspirasi Band - Melawan Rotasi
PADI - Seperti Kekasihku
PAS Band feat Reza - Getir
johnny [staff]
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english please!
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Google translate output:
Maybe someone can help teman2 for Finding and Giving Bass tabs for lagu2 below ..
Conspiracy Band - Against Rotation
PADI - As Love
PAS Band feat Reza - Bitter
Sorry, I do not know those band or songs. Maybe someone else here does.

Maaf, saya tidak tahu mereka band atau lagu. Mungkin orang lain di sini tidak.

Sorry , the songs come from Band Indonesia ..
His videos on youtube already exists ..
there was no one who could help here
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Did you put it on the requests page?
LoudLon [moderator]
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Be patient. Most of the regular tabbers here already have a number of requests to fill ahead of yours. We'll get to them eventually.
yes I did #Marko1960
Thanks #LoudLon
The translation from English to Indonesian isn't bad at all.

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