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Electric guitar amp for bass?

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So I've been a guitarist for roughly 4/5 years and I was bored and listened to the bass and drums with vocals to my favorite songs are realized I really need to play bass instead. So I got me a cheap Ibanez GSR 190 and since I have only a electric guitar amp I've been using that, it sounds a little more fuzzy and distorted but is that okay for the amp and the bass?
That's how I started. In my case an Ibanez GSR200EX, which I still use, albeit modified to BEAD tuning. I used a Roland Cube 20X. The bass doesn't care what type of amp is being used. Be careful with guitar speakers. They haven't been constructed for heavy basses. If you keep the volume and bass controls low, you'd be fine.
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I use my 100 watt Marshall guitar amp for practice cos I prefer the 12" speaker at low volume, like Jay says, as long as you're not playing Shea Stadium you'll be ok
I was using a $30 honeytone mini guitar amp for when I'm outside because they're battery powered and clip to your belt. Thing was already old and it lasted a whole year after I started playing bass, and I didn't go easy on it. You should be fine, it'll probably shorten the amps lifespan a little but I wouldn't be too worried
Which Amp you are using?
What are the specifications for your Amp?
How many years old it is?
Did you face any problem with this before?

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You will have to buy a bass amp eventually, you cant play bass onstage through a guitar amp
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Get a cheap bass amp, or cheaper guitar amp till you save up for a good bass amp, I'm saving up for a Ampeg b2Re, mainly cause the reviews look nice and it was used by Krist Novoselic . but yah save up and use a crappy guitar amp or a friends bass amp, like I'm currently doing haha
You will have to buy a bass amp eventually, you cant play bass onstage through a guitar amp.

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The guitar amp will work, but you're stressing it in ways it wasn't designed to handle. As has been said already, keep the bass and volume down and you'll probably be fine. In addition, make sure the amp components can dissipate heat (aren't clogged with dust, etc), as that will help.

If you check sites like CraigsList you should be able to find a bass practice amp for a good price. In my local area I see six posted in the last week for under $100. Save up, keep an eye out, and when something you like shows up grab it.

Side note to that: You'll see a bunch of people selling their “Bass in a box” setups - bass, amp, instrument cable, strap, book. Usually asking for what they cost new. Those amps tend to be OK as practice amps, where the bass itself will be hit or miss. Talking the price down is pretty easy, then you can turn around and sell just the bass for what you bought the whole setup for - free (or nearly free) amp!
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comment entregistrer les tablatures avec big bass tabs.
i pretty much ALWAYS use a guitar amp HEAD for bass. and a bass cabinet. for home use i have a Bleackheart little giant. a 5 watt tube amp head. it sounds KILLER with bass!! i use it over a Peavey tvx 2x10 and over 2 15inch cabs from carlsbro. for on stage i have a crate g600xl, which does not really sound that good for guitar, but it sounds really nice with bass. i also have a 1969 dynacord bassking 1T. an amp for both bass and guitar. i prefer guitaramps because you have much more attack in your midrange and higher tones. the low is also really low, just like a normal bassamp. aspecially with a 2x15 configuartion. like the comments already said: be carefull with guitarspeakers, but as long as you use bass speakers you will be fine!

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