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Electric guitar amp for bass?

Is it ok if o use the metal am plug by vox with my bass?
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Is it ok if o use the metal am plug by vox with my bass?

It will probably work fine. The lows may be cut off a bit as it is designed for guitar, but there isn't anything happening with the bass that would damage it, and it won't damage your bass.

I have the iRig setup that works with my phone and it works with my bass with no issues.

With any headphone amp I recommend you to always test the volume without the headphones on your ears (or earbuds in your ears). It is way too easy to have the volume turned up to maximum volume and not realize it.
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As Nick is pointing out, look after your ears, I didn't, I was in a band with a very loud lead guitarist so we all had to be loud, now I have tinnitus and I live with it every second of every day and there's nothing anyone can do about it. If you start jamming with other musicians seriously check out the ear protection on the market and don't skimp on it, buy the best

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