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Bands You Probably Have Never Heard Of...

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My first Topic on BBT so I thought I would try to make it interesting.

I was introduced to this band by my ex. She was born in Poland and saw these guys play in Krakow at a punk festival. It would have been around the mid/late eighties. She had purchased a single of theirs titled “Monuments”. I will never forget the moment I heard that song. If you are a Joy Division fan you will really dig these guys.

May I introduce to you, De Press. A Polish - Norwegian band, formed in Oslo.

Oh, and yes, they sing in English!

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Thanks for posting this. I like it. I'm wondering if the band was drums and two basses (assuming it was a three piece). Cheers
LoudLon [moderator]
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Cool idea for a thread. I've got a couple for you guys:

Schtum – an Irish band that had a very minor hit here in the states with a song called Skydiver back in '95:

The Murmurs – a female alt-rock duet, also from the mid-90s:

And yet another 90s alt-rock group, called Dig:

For Squirrels, one of my favorites. Sadly a couple guys in the band were killed in a car wreck right when they were on the verge of breaking big. This was the only song of theirs that got any radio play but the album it's from is excellent from start to finish:

And I have plenty more where these came from, but I'll save them for later so as not to hog the thread.
johnny [staff]
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I'm not gonna spam much, but just post one artist who I think is one of the best slovenian musicians.. Here's Magnifico (with an excellent cover of house of the rising sun):

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I've got a couple, ‘Ken Dodds Dads Dogs Dead’ and ‘Dicky Hart and the Pacemakers’
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Thanks for posting this. I like it. I'm wondering if the band was drums and two basses (assuming it was a three piece). Cheers

You are welcome, Sidsquishus.

They were originally a three piece. drum, bass and guitar. If you search De Press Oslo 1981 on YouTube you will find a live (studio) version of a song called Bo Jo Cie Kochom. The beginning of this song is rather interesting…
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Magnifico is great! Thanks Johnny.

Mariachis in the Balkans! Great video. Read as much into the lyric as you want. Very nice!
They're not necessarily unknown to the death metal fans but there's an old founding death metal band called Necrophagia that is better than any other death metal band you'll listen to. The instrumentals are like groove and thrash metal mixed with death metal tempos and the vocals are just plain demonic. I'm a huge horror fan so their songs are pretty great, a lot of them are based on horror movies like these two songs, Cannibal Holocaust and It Lives In The Woods.
Yes that's Philip Anselmo playing guitar, he went by Anton Crowley in Necrophagia. He played on an LP, Holocausto De La Morte, and 2 EP's: Cannibal Holocaust and Black Blood Vomitorium.

That is some serious Mosh Pit music Link!
I'm not a huge fan of this style of music, but I have my moments where this stuff is appreciated from time to time. Thanks for posting it!
Hey it's definitely not for everyone, only reason I came upon them was because I had watched Cannibal Holocaust the previous week and wanted to find the main theme by Riz Ortolani but instead I found that song by Necrophagia.

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