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String changing fiasco

The Bassist
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The rundown: changing strings, cut the new strings too short, brand new strings now dead and without intonation = me super pissed off. Replacements are on the way but I dont want this to happen again. What is the correct amount of sting to cut off and the correct number of wraps on the post?
johnny [staff]
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I wrap around at least three times and cut the string AFTER that.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Same here. I wrap (usually 3-4 times) then cut the excess. And when I wrap, I wrap from the bottom of the post to the top.
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This is my method which i've done for a long time and it works fine. Insert E string into bridge and pull it tight up the neck and over the nut, take it just past the A string post and cut it. Put the end into the E string post, all the way in but not protruding, keep a firm grip on the string and post as you start turning the tuner, as it turns make sure the string is winding downwards on the post,keep tension on the string as you wind it up to pitch. Now pull the string at the 12th fret, give it a good old stretch, dont be shy, this takes the slack out of it, tune up again and repeat until it stays in tune. Repeat the whole thing with remaining strings. Bosh
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I keep 3 to 4 inches of string past its post.
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I just remove the old strings starting with E, cut new string same length ,refit with three complete turns round the tuner and repeat the same process for the next three
This process works best for me as I feed the string end into the hole in the top of the tuner wrapping top downwards which makes a nice neat job
I also only remove/replace one string at a time to keep tension on the neck and replace with a set of the same gauge strings

Looks like my reply from earlier got eaten. Thank you all for your input. After experimenting with the string tips I cut off I find that leaving four inches (not counting the inch that goes down into the post) gives me about three full wraps so that is probably what I will do. Im expecting the new strings Thursday and I will let you guys know how it went.
Everything went well. That's how I will do it from now on. Thanks everyone.
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I also did a restring this weekend, and used the 4 inch recommendation, and it worked perfectly. I have 3 full wraps around the post which is giving good pressure across the nut.

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