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Favorite Bass Players??

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Mine are Cliff Burton, Rex Brown, Paul Gray, and Johnny Christ.
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Hunter from Afi, Chris Barker from Anti-Flag, Andreas Blomqvist from Seventh Wonder, Steve Harris from Iron Maiden, Joe Principe from Rise Against and Mike Dirnt from Green Day (their songs before the American Idiot have awesome basslines)
Not in order :p
LoudLon [moderator]
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Mike Watt, Steve Harris, Jeff Ament, Krist Novoselic, Doug Winbush, Andrew Weiss, Robert DeLeo, Muzz Skillings…I could go on.
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Geddy Lee
Chris Squire
Sir Paul
Victor Wooten (although I can't play any of his slap stuff)
Steve Harris
John Paul Jones

So many greats.
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Geddy Lee
Carlos Dengler
Andy Rourke
Bernard Edwards
James Jamerson
Tal Wilkenfield
Les Claypool
Norman Watt Roy
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Will Shatter/Bruce Loose (Flipper)
If I were to make a list of my favourite basslines it would be almost exclusevely Flipper
Chuck Dukowski/Kira Roessler (Black Flag)
Early Black Flag is not that great when it comes to basslines but My War and afterwords(especially instrumentals) they become pretty good
Mike Starr/Mike Inez (AIC)

and many more. This is just a quick list what of what I can think of off the bat

EDIT: Also check out Dos, a bass duo by Kira Roessler and Mike Watt (also one of my favorites)
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Geddy LeeCarlos DenglerAndy RourkeEntwhistleBernard EdwardsJames JamersonTal WilkenfieldLes ClaypoolNorman Watt Roy
Wasn't Carlos Dengler the name of that US politician that took a photo of his weiner and texted it to his girlfriend? I think his real name was Anthony Wiener.
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Thats Carlos Danger
Tom Araya, David Ellefson, Jason Newsted, Jared Followill, Rex Brown, Nikki Sixx, Sean Yseult, Alex Webster, Jack Gibson, Geddy Lee, and Twiggy Ramirez
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Jack Bruce
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Steve Kilbey, Simon Gallup, Guy Pratt

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