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Must watch for Megadeth fans

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I had to share this…pretty cool. Thanks Linkinpark232
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Megadeath fans? Both of em?
Megadeath fans? Both of em?

Tell me about it. It just occurred to me that ive only ever met one Megadeth fan.
*thumbs up*
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Not a hardcore metal fan, but that war between megadeth and metallica. I think megadeth has them on album covers.
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I give Megadeth more credit for being consistent, then Metallica. Even though their has music has matured over the years, their solo's and music in general has always been a “musicians band” Its a shame, because Metallica has some great talent…but they lost their mojo in making great metal. I can honesly say, I stop liking Metallica when Cliff Burton was murdered…I mean killed in an accident. Thats the day Metallica died.
Metallica was my first metal band. over the years ive made several attempts to get into Megadeth but their music has never done anything for me. In my opinion, Dave Mustaine is a good guitarist but a mediocre songwriter. That said, as skilled a player as he is he can and often does come up with a good sounding riff or catchy melody (peace sells, symphony of destruction) and i believe that this is the only reason Megadeth is as popular as they are. For me, lyrics are about a third of the song and i like them dark. I find Mustaine's lyrics to be lacking, they might work better for rock than for metal. dont get me wrong, Metallica is by no means perfect they have their fair share of songs that are the same way but to me they have always been better.
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I dig Megadeth but I think they make better music when they slow it down and focus more on melody and songwriting than speed and playing a thousand notes a second. As good as their early albums are, especially Peace Sells and Rust in Peace, I don't think any are near as good as Countdown to Extinction. Mustaine was sober for that one so he was able to really put his full focus into the songwriting. So what if they took a cue from Metallica's Black Album by stripping their style down and working more in mid-tempo; a good album is a good album, regardless of what might have influenced it, and Countdown is a really fucking good album.

I was listening to it a few weeks back after having not heard it in a while and was amazed how well it holds up even now, 22 years later.
Mustaine was sober for RIP, then he relapsed. That's why it wasn't as sloppy as earlier stuff; however Killing Is My Business and Peace Sells are a couple of the greatest thrash albums out there
Metallica just keeps pulling stupid media stunts. All they've done in the past decade is release a mediocre album that had a couple re-listenable songs, have re-released stuff, and made movies. They've shit all over their name, like how Reload shit all over Load. Lords Of Summer is one of the tackiest song names I've ever seen from a band and it's a horrible single, time for them to pack it up or do actually make music

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