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Show your videos on YouTube

TV Casualty - Misfits, one of the simplest bass lines ever.
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Simple, but you do it so well Jay!
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Some dodgy phone footage from last night's pub gig , first time using our own full PA and thought we sounded okish

But I think we pulled it off and had a good response

Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend by Powerwolf. Due to copyright claims a link to my Vimeo channel.
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Nice vids Mog. where are your PA speakers? I see monitors and amps on the floor.

One of the most liberating things I've done as a bass player was ditch my Eden cab and amp. I carry my bass and DI pedals and plug right into the PA. If I'm on a large stage I need a monitor, but most of the places we play are small and if I'm near the PA speaker (usually behind it to the side a little) I can hear my frequencies just fine.

and since we don't make enough $$ for roadies , the load-out is so much easier on me.

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