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Nobody Told Me - Puddle of Mudd

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I do appreciate the work people put in to providing accurate representations of the music we all know and love. However, when work is not accurate, I get annoyed. I have been trying to learn the intro of this song and due to my lack of skills and knowledge of scales, I can't seem to get it just right. The tabs provided on here are not fully accurate.

THIS is what I hear–
measure 1: definitely is a thing like they say
Measure 2: a couple of octave notes here)
Measure 3: same as measure 1
Measure 4: same as measure 2 except the octave walk he does at the end that leads right into the next measure

So those octave bits, I really want to learn I can't seem to find the right spot on the bass for it. Maybe my bass is tuned incorrectly to play it accurately. If anybody else has the patience to decipher what the bassist is playing there, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thanks in advance
If you're not very good then how are you criticizing how someone else perceives something?
LoudLon [moderator]
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Not everyone knows the right notes to a song right off the bat, but it's very easy to notice a wrong note. Look at how many five star tabs there are here which have since been found to be completely inaccurate.

soldier206 – octaves are typically two strings up, two frets up. For instance:

r = root note; * = octave


There ya go.
Wait that's seriously all he needed? It looks a lot more complex the way he's describing it
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On bass the octave of a note is basically two strings over and two frets up, the root and last note of the Major scale are an octave. The late Bernard Edwards, bassist with Chic was an Octave master and a fine bass player. It's really difficult trying to get some of the Death Metal heads on here to listen to the Bassline on ‘Le Freak’ by Chic but if you don't spread your horizons your progress will remain stunted

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