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Your favorite "Youtube Bassists"

Posts: 125
Either Davie 504 or Aram Bedrosian
These guys are more into solos than covers but check them out !
Posts: 63
I am entertained by many, though one of my favorites would be cbjunior04. There is something either in the melody or his sound I enjoy. It is cool he is also part of this forum.

CannibalisticZombie does tech death covers. He plays fretless, extended range up to seven strings and he shreds. I would send a link but it doesn't seem to be working.
MarloweDK is the best bass player in the world IMO.
Posts: 11
i like constantine isslamow.but hes so fat he probably cant get out of his chair and just plays bass all day
Carl Engman
Posts: 19
When I first started, I used to head to Finbar Bass as he broke it down in a way that I found quite good. But now I tend to gravitate towards djlcruze.

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