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Song ideas for Moletley Crue

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So I got a chemistry project where we're supposed to a mole project, well since my drummer and I already play together we decided to change some lyrics and we had a cover song about moles. We want to do something by Motley Crue, or Moletley Crue, because we know it's something we can easily do. The only ideas we've come up with are Public Animole #1, Primole Scream, and Same Mol' Situation. Any other mole ideas from them?
Mole Sweet Mole
LoudLon [moderator]
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“Mole Sweet Mole”… I like it.
No it has to be in the title already. I didn't realize that Public Animole should be Public Enemy #1, I was thinking of Alice Cooper. I might budge on the title though because the lyrics have to be easy to change as well. Welcome to the Mole Of America
Shout at the Mole. Same Mole Situation is my fav.

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Slice of Your Mole
Looks that Mole
Two Moles to fall in love
Piece of your mole
LoudLon [moderator]
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Moles, Moles, Moles
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Moles, Moles, Moles
That's hot.
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Mole Lotta Love
LoudLon [moderator]
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Moles, Moles, Moles…
In the hole in the ground out in my back yard
Moles, Moles, Moles!
Diggin' lots of tunnels down the boulevard

Please, stop me…

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