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1/4 step down?

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How do I go a quarter step down?
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Yes I'm serious. We all know half is flat but what is quarter? Didn't even know that was a tuning.
LoudLon [moderator]
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It's going to be tough if you plan on doing it by ear, unless you've had a lot of practice playing in that tuning. The easiest thing to do would be to tune down 1/2 step and then slightly sharpen each string, but chances are you're still going to be off just a tad.

I haven't tried it yet but here's an online chromatic tuner. It supports microphone and line-in:

I put it halfway on my tuner and it wasn't easy to keep it from going too flat or too sharp.
johnny [staff]
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If I find that a song has a slightly different tuning than my bass I listen for a specific note (preferably an open string) and just tune one string to it and then relatively tune all my other strings to that string. works well.
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Fit more frets halfway between your existing frets or start talking sense, nobody uses a 1/4 step you are obviously out of tune. Wind instruments can do it and non fretted instruments, violin, cello etc, but seeing as the piano is the lead instrument in the orchestra, and can't, they don't.
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We have an old saying over here, “Give yer f@&£!;g head a shake”
Actually Megadeth has used 1/4 step on Peace Sells and Killing Is My Business
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if you have a tuner with a gauge on it. (or find one)
all you gotta do is go right in between eb and e, ab and a, db and d, gb and g (or whatever tuning you're in)
if you want to keep it this way, i would say it's probably a good idea to get it set up that way cuz it might fall out of tune pretty easily.
I've also read Dimebag Darrel used 1/4 step down

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