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Isn't there a bassm99 here?

Posts: 1584
I was looking at my profile on UG and always like to look at people's profiles who view mine and when I clicked on his Bassm99 came up on his friends list. Very weird conincidence
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
yes there is, and he's quite an avid submitter

i never liked those types of features that shows you who's looking at your profile. seems an invasion of privacy
It's a small world johnny is right, my good friend bassm99 on UG & in here are the same person. Funny how in some weired way we are all linked together.
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 287
all of his tabs are rated, and they're all 5 stars, too. that's nice.
Latex Sex
Posts: 191
I hope you stopped by to say hello Link?
If I was signed up to UG i'd say hi.
I hope you stopped by to say hello Link?

No if I knew who it was I wouldn't have asked
Latex Sex
Posts: 191
Still should have said hello just because you were curious.
I've just noticed that bassm99 is very close to completing 200 bass tabs. I've read what Lon is going to do for his 300th tab, what are you going to do for your 200th?
Posts: 256
Blimey that slipped under the radar! I think everyone is geared up for Lon's 300th. So we have 2 milestones to celebrate in the near future

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