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Isn't there a bassm99 here?

Congratulations bassm99. What an incredible achievement. You are now in the Big Bass Tabs hall of fame along with Lon & Sid
Posts: 135
I'd like to add my congratulations for reaching the magic 200! I'm really impressed with your tabs & helping to keep the 80's sound alive! I look forward to your future tabs
bass freak
Posts: 320
Well done my son! Terrific achievement and great work as always Keep it going.
I'm very new here but I thought I would throw in my congratulations to you bassm99. I Love the 80's and it's nice to see someone putting out tabs from that era. I would have trouble doing 1 tab let alone 200! I'm looking forward to going through your tabs and I'll be watching out for any upcoming tabs you care to share
Well, well, well. What do we have here? Another big bass tabber reaching an epic milestone! Good on yer bassm99, keep the tabs coming

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