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Does anyone know what "Lack Of Formatting" on UG mean?

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So I tried submitting my Cast Down by Slayer and it said that it was denied due to lack of formatting. I can't fucking stand the fact that anyone can veto your tab. That's not fair at all, why don't they just let the actual admins determine that. Can anyone look at my Cast Down tab and see if they can figure out what “Lack of formatting” means?
TheDude [staff]
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isn't that pretty self-explanatory? it's not properly formatted, according to someone. glancing over the cast down tab, maybe they're bothered by how you structured it all? i'm never on UG, but maybe check out how other, approved songs are formatted?

not saying that they're right to veto it, just saying, that's what that means.

anyway, why do you care? this is the place to be, anyway
Because I want to put my tabs on there. Either there's no tab for it or there's just a horrible version. But, all of my other tabs are like it and they've approved 4 of them which is all I submitted.
johnny [staff]
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maybe they have many people who approve and you just stumbled upon someone who's more strict
Might be, it just makes me mad when there's nothing wrong with it.
Thats why bass is cooler.
LoudLon [moderator]
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My frustration with UG's inconsistent tab approval system is what led me to BBT's. Out of the 30 or so tabs I tried to submit there, only 17 or so were approved. The others were all denied due to tab format – despite it being the same tab format I used in the ones they had approved.

BBT's is better.
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I agree with Lon: BBT is the best site for bass tabs. I don't bother to post mine anywhere else (others do that for me!). Cheers.
Thats why bass is cooler.

This makes bass better how? Your response makes no sense.
Found out that I did have a weird format on my Cast Down tab. Like really weird, not natural lol. I fixed it and they finally took it.
The thing I hate most about UG, other than the horrible tab confirmation, is the forum. You don't know where to start your thread because of all the categories. So you're thread gets locked up because you couldn't figure out where to put it, that's just stupid. Oh and the admins are usually total dicks.

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