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Bass Lesson/Tab Requests

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Hey Guys!
So i've been doing that thing again where i just start posting random tabs and lessons for no reason.
I was hoping that some of you had some suggestions for some concepts for lessons/tips you would like to know.
I'll also take tab requests (hopefully to help Lon out a bit)
Lemme know guys!
(and btw i recently posted a tab “How to Sound Like Jaco Pastorius” tab that sheds light on alot of juicy material.
A couple more of those Hall and Oates tabs would be cool. And BTW your lesson tabs are awsome.
Personally I like when people submit random tabs, you can get some real surprises that way. In saying that, I agree with Cheekychuck that any additional Hall and Oates tabs would be very welcome.
Posts: 180
Thanks guys! i'll see what i can do with the Hall and Oates! Any specific songs?
Motherfucker Of The Year by Crüe would be nice
Maneater, Out of Touch, Rich Girl. Would be my top three.
LoudLon [moderator]
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I have the intro and first verse of Maneater done; I can pass it off on someone else to finish if anyone wants. Between the ever-growing request list, requests I get personally and the other stuff I personally want to tab, there ain't enough time in the day!
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I read you loud and clear lon!
i'll see what i can do boys.
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Maneater & Out Of Touch are awesome songs, yes please to both of those!
Excellent requests on the Hall & Oates front. Add Method of Modern Love to the list?
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For the Rockers…I think I may have it down, but I want to be sure.


Can someone tab this request?

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