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High pitched noise coming from horn

I'm here for nothing
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Interesting point raised by Marko within this thread. The forum has changed especially after the departure of Slam & Danny. Leiria was correct about Slam just starting random threads that most of the time were meaningless & Unnecessary. For me personally the forum is for the better with his departure. Others may or may not agree but that is what I believe. Danny though very helpful turned into something that I think shocked everyone. His input is missed, but the negative side near the end isn't. They are not the only ones who seem to have disappeared. Duran Duran Fan deleted his account many months ago due to the bickering. I remember antiduranduran deleting his account after being poorly treated by certain people who still to this day have never apologised for their behaviour towards him, despite some prompting from Sid. Others have stopped writing because of the past events.
I think the forum now has a calm to it & though not buzzing with activity it seems better. Hopefully people will come back & contribute but only time will tell.
End of the day we are here for the tabs & that is all I'm going to concentrate on from now on.

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