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Favorite singer?

@$!# no Axel ain't the best singer. Can't stand GNR. The ONLY good album they had was parts of Appetite. But no, I wouldn't say Rob Halford either. That's a tough one
Rob Halford can flat out wail. David Coverdale, Bono, Freddie Mercury, just to name a few more.
I really like the Doobie Brothers' lead singer too
True story about Freddie, also, I think Kid Rock is absolutely diabolical, listen to the lyrics on that Sweet Home Alabama/Werewolves of London song, dear God, I've wrote shopping lists with a better chance of becoming a hit, I mean…he's just awful!!!

I can only take so much of his new stuff. I really enjoy his older stuff like Devil and Cocky. His latest stuff just seems cliche
Maynard James Keenan. Hands down. Although, Freddie was truly talented.
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I really like the Doobie Brothers' lead singer too
Michael MacDonald

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