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Never knew we were family friendly
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My bad Loudlon. just trying to have a little fun. i have a bad habit of lettin my mouth get me in trouble.
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Is “eating fried chicken” like one of those sayings that's associated with a deviant act? You know, like “tossing salad?”

I am tiptoeing on that fine line, aren't I?
LoudLon [moderator]
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Link – I was told cussing is allowed (though not to excess) but that the admins do indeed want the site to be family friendly. They don't want the site to get saddled with a content warning. Young kids want to learn bass too, y'know.

boyz – You didn't know. Now you do. It's all good.

Mark – it's all about the context, ain't it?
Oh my god Mark. FAMILY FRIENDLY PLEASE! Lon, arrest him.

I'm going to steer this thread in the direction it was meant to go. Lon shall see the light.
Sir, that's not Cliff Burton.
Sir, that's not Cliff Burton.
I know it's not.
But now it is…

Great editing, huh?
No that's whoevers head on Cliff's body but I can't for sure identify it's Cliff

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