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Working up to more death metal

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So I think my drummer and I are switching to death metal but I can barely play death metal, singing and playing death metal just sounds scary to me because of how much work it'd be. Any tips for getting better at playing death metal?
LoudLon [moderator]
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If you don't want to play it, don't play it. If you're serious, there will be other bands. Or, if you and the drummer are intent on staying together as a team, find a happy medium between what each of you wants to play. Music is a collaboration, after all.
I love death metal, it's definitely what I wanna do. Deicide is one of my biggest influences. And even if we don't switch permanently I would like to know some tips to increase my skill at playing death metal
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Keep the Basslines simple but fast, using a pick, it's not like there's musicality involved anyway, it's just a loud, fast racket. Oh, and growl into the mic, no need for lyrics, Sepultura have proved that
Hahaha okay yeah I can understand the lyrics but that's with some work. So random growls also work
johnny [staff]
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I used to play in a death metal band called “Breeding Pit” in the early 00s. Had lots of fun. For a long time we played downtuned to C-F-B♭-E♭-G-C (which helped the sound a lot). We later migrated to standard though.
I need a heavier gauge of strings. Every time I drop my E to a C# or C it gets really flimsy.
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My advise would be to play alot of finger exercies. play some chromatic based ones that really work out your dexterity. then just keep bumping up the tempo till your fingers explode. also writting riffs that are based around certain minor type scales and chromatic based lines should help you get that sound. also listening to alot of Death (not the proto punk band) will help alot.
I'm not really into Death for some reason. I like the more brutal stuff like Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death
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Fair enough. everyone has different tastes.
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You can have my band name ‘Virgin Bloodbath’, we aren't using it anymore, we were too busy fighting off hot chicks

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