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This is probably going to sound crazy

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Can I turn my 4 string P Bass into a 5 string if I change the bridge and neck? Lol this is a serious question
I don't see why not. The neck might be wider and you would have to router the body to fit it. Marko I think would be the guru to ask on guitar building stuff
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And pick up, and widen the neck socket, what's the point though? I've found dozens of 5 string basses on eBay for under £150, good uns as well, just save and buy the genuine article, plus, a five string neck and tuners, pick up and bridge and the work on the neck socket won't come cheap
Yeah I forgot about where the neck and body connect
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I dont see why not. My boyfriend and I made a franken-guitar. He took the neck/pickups off of a guitar he liked, but the body was too light for him, so he used the body of an old bass that was heavier, that he preferred. I think we picked it up from a pawn shop, or goodwill (he has good luck finding good ones, he got me my beetle bass from a pawn shop for cheap).
But like above, I know ee drilled some extra holes in it and routed out the pickup holes, i dont remember what else he did to it.
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put it in the bin?
johnny [staff]
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I'm with Marko - save yer pennies and buy a 5 string.
I'm with Marko - save yer pennies and buy a 5 string.

Yep, there's too many things to go wrong on a perfectly nice bass.

Another question: How do I clean the body of my bass? I rest my arm on about 2 inches of the body and it's just filled with sweat after I finish playing. And there's a bad spot under the strings at the bridge. Ideas?
LoudLon [moderator]
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I use baby wipes to clean my bass and guitar. Huggies Sensitive Skin brand, to be precise. They clean great and the aloe makes them shine like brand new.
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On my painted G&L I actually use car cleaner & wax (McGuires Gold). Makes it shine and protects it. On my woody 6-string, I use a damp cloth and then dry it with towel. It's unfinished, so I don't want to use anything with chemicals or cleaners that can discolor or mess up the wood grain.

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