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80's Music

Quote: I was aware Divine had a minor musical career outside of his John Waters films, but oof! Hearing him sing is almost as unappetizing as seeing him eat dog pop in Pink Flamingos… Not a Divine fan but just love this song.
How about. Dead or Alive. You spin round. Similar. Not saying I like it or hate it. Just saying I have a lot of music in my head that I am aware of. I was born 22,215 days ago. That is 3173 weeks or 533169 hours or 31989609 minutes or 1919376009 seconds for those that want to count it out. You get the picture. I have a few songs stuck in this brain. God I feel old compared to you guys. But I appreciate all forms of music. I don't like it all but am always willing to screw around with it on bass if I like the vibe.
Love Dead Or Alive!

Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
LoudLon [moderator]
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Love that song. It was from a very awesome period of my life (being a teen in the ‘80s was awesome anyway, but for me, especially the summer that song happened to come out). Hard to believe some people were actually surprised when it was revealed that Pete Burns was gay, though. It’s practically stamped on his forehead.

New Order - Blue Monday

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