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silly questions with undoubted silly answers

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Do I lose the ability to brag that my band is signed for a 2 album deal if i ended up owning 1/3 of the label?
LoudLon [moderator]
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Hell no. A record deal is a record deal, even if it's with yourself. Brag on, homes.
I thought deals were only year-terms, not album-terms. Well, I learned something new today
Latex Sex
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Nice deal. Brag away to your hearts content.
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Good deal, even if it is with yourself
Congratulations! You have earned the right to brag on this one.
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Any record deal is a huge score, well done my man
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In the band & own a 1/3 of the label Dude you are an entrepreneur as well as a musician!
i guess… lol i just like music really.. as i had stated in a different thread im doing a compilation album this year with the happy campers, mr t experience, the wanna bes and moral crux. as well as a full album cover of love is dead. and then an original album

a rough, ROUGH demo of one of the mr t experience songs for the cover album
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It seems you'll be a busy boy from now on. I'm sure all your hard work will be worth it & very rewarding.

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