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What's an aggressive looking bass for around 350?

Take your shenanigans elsewhere please
LoudLon [moderator]
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It wasn't so much shenanigans as tomfoolery. Horseplay. Hijinx, if you will. But definitely not shenanigans.

Threads go off-topic sometimes, Link. Nature of the ‘net. It’ll come back around. And if it doesn't, you could always check Amazon or Ebay for a $350 bass.
Anyone know what bass Jack Gibson plays?
a gibson eb3, and something made by yamaha
Thanks Slam
I think I've decided on an ESP F104. It looks kinda like Tom's bass, if I do get it anyone know where to find inverted pentagram fret stickers?
Geez Slam! You're on it today
that's what she said

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