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Speed/Thrash metal recommendations?

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Looking for some speed/thrash metal songs that aren't too difficult to play and sing at the same time. Something like World Painted Blood and Disciple by Slayer.
domination by pantera
most megadeath songs tho its metal not thrash
Megadeth is so thrash!!! What the hell. 13 was definitely thrash and all their early stuff was speed and thrash
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I recommend that you avoid Speed/Thrash Metal like the plague
I'd rather not
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What everrrrrr
Posts: 3139
Are you into Sepultura, Danzig and BioHazard and all that type of gubbins?
LoudLon [moderator]
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A lot of '90s Misfits stuff (Michael Graves era) leans much more toward thrash than punk. Check out their albums American Psycho and Famous Monsters.
Regular People (Conceit) by Pantera is a good one.

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