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A more serious mod vote ( only post with POLITE replies)

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So, its been going around for a while. there was a thread about it that turned into kind of a gong show. so lets do this properly. if you had to nominate.. lets say 5 mods. because that way if its only 3 there are still more options for the admins to look at. who would it be?
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You forgot to say “please.”
That seems like a lot of admins. And a lot of admins that could get pissed off at someone and ban them for no thing at all
3 isnt a lot.. lol
5 is. There aren't that many people on the forums
i said to name 5 so there are other options to look at besides just the top 3. what if one of the top 3 ends up being a hothead or someone who may lose their temper? or doesnt want to do it?
Latex Sex
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I'm sure the staff will message anyone they want to be a mod. Only they can really answer this situation.
oi. lol i give up on this and its my own thread. im out.
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End of the day it's down to the staff and i'm sure they will contact in due course if they decide to aquire mods for the site
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I think 5 mods might be too many as I have not seen too many regulars holding their hands up to be one. If & when the staff are ready I'm sure they will make the right moves to their chosen ones.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Slamingerr if you the site really needs a moderator I would gladly take the spot to review and handle the tabs as well as give support to those who needed. But…Unfortunately it has to be when I come back from USAF Boot Camp (8-10weeks). I could help and pitch in for this week before I take a plane to Texas.

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