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A more serious mod vote ( only post with POLITE replies)

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Danny, Slamingerrr, Sid, Mari7 would be good mods
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Thanks Gerr though i wouldnt be able to give support on bass equipment or amps im not that good or well informed on (that would be Marko & Sid's department, which they are more than well informed and skilled), but anything musical notation, tabs, how to tab, note patterns, etc ill be able to service on. Also im going to check with the Dude to see if i can link all tutorial videos to the site as well as use one of my youtube channels to advertise this site so that people can look into it more as well as look up the tabs to my vids.
Posts: 236
Good initiative, Danny!
yeah i agree danny. and you have my vote for mod
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Danny also has my vote (as Sid).

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