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What song are you learning right now?

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10 years ago
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for me its carousel by blink 182. im not sure why i just like the intro
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Knees Up Mother Brown
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Breaking the girl…RHCP
LoudLon [moderator]
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Tenebre, by Goblin. Another fantastic Italian horror movie score (you guys really should check out Goblin's stuff, they're awesome!). It's really giving me the fits, though; I play primarily finger-style but it sounds better with a pick, and there's a lot of rapid octave picking (some of the notes tend to be too close to one another to make out clearly) and of course as per Goblin's usual, there's a crap load of time changes.

If you'd like to have a listen…

Currently working on 8
Angel City Gamble- As Blood Runs Black
The Undertow- Lamb of God
Under A Glass Moon- Dream Theater
Learning To Live- Dream Theater
No Good (Attack The Radical)- Pantera
Go Time- Nonpoint
Ashes- Nonpoint
The Light That Blinds- Shadows Fall

Doing all of these for the senior grad party next monday.
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In a Big Country by Big Country.
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In a Big Country by Big Country.
^ This.

And also Train's Meet Virginia.
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Heart - Straight On

I've got most of the song nailed down, just need to work on the last 1/4th or so.
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The guitar solos to War Is My Shepherd and everything of Blacklist by Exodus


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