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Who else prefers RHCP punk funk days?

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After Blood Sugar Sex Magik I feel like they just lost their energy. One Hot Minute had a few good songs but it can't live up to the funkier albums they made thanks to Dave Navarro. Californication is one of my favorites of theirs, By The Way was alright, and now Stadium Arcadium. Ehh I never really got into it, a couple songs on it were great, it's too long of an album. I'm With You was pretty good but there were a couple misses on the album. But back to the point, not saying it was bad they changed, I don't feel energized enough when listening to their newer stuff. I want another record like Uplift or Mother's Milk. Those were the best
LoudLon [moderator]
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They didn't so much lose energy as kick drugs. Same thing happened with Aerosmith. Their post-drugs stuff may not be as in-your-face as their early stuff, but it's certainly more refined and focused.
I know Anthony Kiedis was sober during the recordings of Mother's Milk. But just because they kick drugs doesn't mean the music turns different. Dave Mustaine was sober during RIP and that was a great album and a great follow up of SFSGSW. Just an example though
And I like all of Aerosmith's stuff and I think they're just as great when they aren't drugged up
LoudLon [moderator]
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Rock and roll history is thick with artists and bands whose music was affected after they've sobered up; such a change is much more common than rare, as with Mustaine. A sober songwriter is going to have different things to write about than when his brain's riddled with chemicals; sometimes the writing is worse, or – as is the case with RHCP and Aerosmith – sometimes it gets a lot better and more mature.
Sadly I don't think I'll ever see Marilyn Manson off of drugs. They'll probably kill him within the next 10 years
johnny [staff]
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I like Californication, By The Way, and Stadium Arcadium the most. The other albums are ok too, but I can't get into them as much as I do in those three albums.
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I like the early stuff but prefer the later stuff, Californication saw Frusciante return from rehab with a clear head. Speaking of rock star excess, Ron Wood is an interesting case, he's a great guitarist but he's always had a very loose style, he's always been rat arsed aswell. His time spent with The Faces was a blur, they even had a bar onstage at every gig. When he joined the Stones he fitted in straight away but his drinking started to get in the way. It was Mick Jagger who got him off the drink and drugs and Ron said that his playing improved without the drink. One problem emerged from his sobriety though, whilst in his first band, The Birds, in 65, his first girlfriend was killed in a car crash whilst on her way to one of their gigs, now the memory was back and this was the reason he had stayed drunk in the first place

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